1947 Chrysler New Yorker Roadster
3-Passenger Convertible Restoration Project
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If you're a Chrysler buff, you probably can tell by looking at
the photos that this is an unusual car!  I'm still doing
research on this car, but from everything I've been able to
determine so far, this car is modeled on the 1946 Town &
Country Roadster that was pictured in a Chrysler brochure
but never went into production.  (Visit
The Old Car Manual
Project to see the car I mean - and my thanks to them for a
great site!)

Here's where the story gets fun.  According to the previous
owner, a celebrity in California saw that brochure and liked
the Roadster but didn't like the Town & Country look.  He
special-ordered the car without all the wood - and Chrysler
built it for him as a New Yorker.  According to the build
sheet, the original specs for the car were:
      Body Type: 03 Convertible Coupe
      Model 392: New Yorker
      Trim 23: Highlander Red Plaid and Red Leather
      Paint 01: Blue
      Convertible Top: Taupe
      Build Date: June 24, 1947

Since the Roadster never made it to production, I don't
know whether or not Chrysler completed the job in-house or
if they sent the car out to an authorized coach builder.  The
celebrity (I wish I knew who it was!) passed the car to a
staff member, who then gave it to his daughter, who
eventually sold it.  The car made its way north into Canada
and spent a while at a commune; at this point it had been
painted bright yellow.  At some point the engine gave up and
the car was sold to a man who installed a 383 engine and
painted it red.  

Now it's garaged until I can figure out the story and
sure I restore this car right!  
It seems to me that a car with
this kind of history should be restored back to the way it
was ordered - the ONLY New Yorker Roadster!

espite the age and travels of the car, the body is in nice,
solid condition.  The frame and body are original; the original
serial tag is still on the door pillar and
I've confirmed that it is
part of the New Yorker series.  The top bows are present
for the convertible top,
and the fabric is all gone.  As far as I
can tell, the hydraulic system is missing as well, though the
mounts are present in the back (see photos below of the
top), and the top lowers and raises easily by hand.  Some of
the chrome and badging is missing, and what's left should be
rechromed.  The 383 engine is obviously not original, nor is
the automatic transmission; all the running gear should
probably be changed out.  I know that there's a lot to do, but
won't it be gorgeous when it's done?

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The hood release is in
an unlikely place ... in
the driver' s front wheel
well!  It's that little
knob, about the size of
a quarter in diameter.
Under The Hood.  The engine is a big block V-8, 383 cubic inch, and the battery now sits in front of the oversized radiator.  
The system is converted to 12-volt.  And hey, where is that hood release when you need it?  Check out the last 3 pictures!
The Underbody.
The Top.
The Trunk.  The gas tank intake is in the trunk, along with an added electric fuel pump.
General Exterior and Interior Shots.