My Classic Car Collection

I love classic cars.
You name it, and I love 'em:
horseless carriages, Brass Era beauties,
full classics, muscle cars ...
I grew up around cars, and I guess you'd say I've got cars
in my genes.  I love a room filled with cars - the smell,
the gleam of the metal, the feeling of history, the
bridging between generations.  I know that there are
others out there just like me.  To you I say:
Hello!  Welcome to my site.  
Take your time here and enjoy yourself!

Some of my cars have fantastic stories, like the 1910
White.  Some are personal treasures, like the 1928
Whippet.  Some need to be restored, and will be amazing
when they're finished.  And some just make me grin like
I'm a teenager.  (Take a look at my '54 Skylark, and you
may grin, too!)  My oldest car is an early Ford, and my
daily driver varies.  These days it's often a '60s
Bonneville or my '52 Chevy.

2009 News
I've decided that it's time to reduce the number of cars
that I have.  I've put a few vehicles on the "Cars for
Sale" page, but I'd be willing to discuss selling
almost anything.  Just drop me an email.
Thanks for visiting!
Henry Ford Prototype
1928 Whippet
1928 Franklin Model 12B, 7-passenger Sedan
1940 Studebaker President
1954 Buick Skylark Convertible
1939 Packard Super 8
1934 Pierce Arrow
1925 Dodge Sedan